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Reflection on Mary, Mother of God

Mary is one of God's most holy creations. She is the closest to being God that any creature can ever hope to be and yet she is not holy of her own doing, but solely by the fullness of God's grace. God created her to be His holy and perfect bride, the Ark of the New Covenant, the mother of His most precious Son and the mother of all mankind. Through her, His mercy and graces would freely flow to all who seek Him through her. She does not replace Jesus as our intermediary for salvation, but exemplifies the grace and power of God's love for all mankind.  

Mary is like a perfect pane of glass that when we look upon her, we see Christ in all His Glory! When we stand in front of a perfect pane of glass with the sun shining through it upon us, we see the sun exactly as we would see it without the glass. We can even feel the warmth of the sun and it's energy passing through the window. 

Mary being this perfect pane of glass allows the fullness of God to pass through her in every way. All of God's mercy, graces, blessings and love pass through her just like the rays of sun passing through a pane of glass. God created her to be a perfect light of His Glory to shine upon us. All perfection can be attained in the veneration of Mary. She is the epitome of the power of God's grace for us to become holy and perfect.            This is the glory that awaits us, for we shall be made perfect by the same grace that made Mary perfect.  

In Jesus' suffering for the sins of the world, Mary suffered too, for what human mother who deeply and fully loves her child, does not suffer when her child suffers? Because Mary's love for Jesus was perfect in every way, her suffering was perfect in every way, for she was perfectly united with God the Father as His bride and with Jesus the Son of God as His mother. She too suffered for the sins of the world, not as Savior, but as mother of all mankind.  

By our veneration of Mary, we will see what we are to become; that is, perfected by the grace of God. When we see Mary, we see God. This is because Mary became nothing; emptied herself completely so that God would be everything in her and through her. We too must become nothing and empty so that God can become everything in us. This is the perfect way, the way that Mary will lead us.  

Mary was the first of many to receive within her, the body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ.           Within her womb was the full essence of the Holy Eucharist. By the power and grace of God, Mary conceived and gave birth to Jesus who would become the Holy Eucharist; the food and drink for all mankind. Mary is the mother of Jesus.          Mary is the mother of the Holy Eucharist and she is the mother of all mankind who leads us to perfection in her Son, Jesus. God, in His infinite wisdom made it possible for each and every one of us to receive the body and blood, soul and divinity of His Son, Jesus through Mary. Every time we receive the Holy Eucharist, we receive the fruit of her womb, Jesus. It was God's perfect and Divine Providence to allow humanity to participate in the redemption and salvation of mankind by receiving the Bread of Life, Jesus, through the humanity of Mary. 

Mary is truly a vessel of Christ himself. Her total and absolute submission and humility to the will of God allowed her to become a perfect instrument of God's mercy, love and grace. Mary shines like the Sun! She bore Christ and now she bears the Glory of the Son!  

Mary's greatest glory is her retaining nothing of herself and becoming a holy and perfect light of God's love, mercy and grace for all men. Free from all selfishness, she allows all that God is to shine through her and yet it was through Christ's humility being born as her child that makes all this possible. Jesus wants us all to share in the intimate love of His mother and by Jesus humbly becoming her child, He has opened the door for all of us to become her children.  

Absolute emptiness, poverty, humility, obscurity, selflessness and nothingness is the secret of all joy. This is who our mother is and who we are called to become. She shows us that with Christ, through Christ and in Christ, we too can attain the holiness and glory of God. Mary is not God, but full of God, full of all His glory. This is God's joy for us all!  

As our most holy mother, she takes our brokenness and imperfect prayers and makes them holy and pure before our Father in Heaven. This is because the Father through His infinite graces has made Mary pure and holy. Hence, Mary is full of grace, God's grace, which is the essence of all holiness. When we ask Mary to pray for us, she takes our prayers and places them before the Father as His perfect and holy bride and as the mother of His most precious Son. How amazing and wonderful God is by giving us a mother made holy and pure by His grace to intercede for us, the same grace that can make us holy!            Let us embrace the gift from our Father of our holy mother who radiates the Glory of their Son, Jesus!

By P. Hinkel

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