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What is Medjugorje?

MEDJUGORJE is the name of a small town located in the mountains of Bosnia Herzegovina. However during the past 35 years, the word "Medjugorje" has become synonymous with the miraculous apparitions which have been taking place there. It all started in June, 1981, when the Virgin Mary began appearing to six young teenagers in this remote mountain village in former Yugoslavia, now Bosnia Herzegovina.  The apparitions have continued as of this writing in 2016. Our Lady's basic message to the world is a message of peace, teaching the world to come back to God and to daily prayer. Our Lady gives us five stones by which to live: Prayer, Fasting, Daily Reading of the Bible, Confession and Eucharist.

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Our Charities

Currently we have three charities with our main focus being our "Feed My Children" charity in which we feed about 1500 people a day in Karamoja, a remote region of northeast Uganda. We depend on the kindness of donors to support these charities and we take no salaries or expenses for funds earmarked for our direct charities.

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We are moving back to Georgia! Our address is now P O. Box 10, Hiawassee GA 30546 or tollfree tel: 1-877-896-6061

Judith speaks on Radio Maria about Medjugorje and the future of pilgrimage. Click the image to read some of the interview and to listen to the podcast.

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Thank you for all your support and look forward to working with you in the future.

God bless,

Judith Weible


2023 Weible Columns Fall Pilgrimage to Medjugorje!

Weible Pilgrimage 2023 updated fr francis anane

October 30-November 07, 2023 - from $2,457

Contact our office for details:
Telephone: 1-931-223-8278
Email: info@weiblecolumns.org

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Telephone: 1-800-206-8687
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Weible Column's Monthly Newsletter

SUBSCRIBE OR RENEW our Monthly Newsletter and stay up-to-date on Medjugorje!BOTH NEWSPAPER AND ELECTRONIC ONLINE/MOBILE EDITIONS NOW AVAILABLE! Our Weible Columns monthly newsletter is written by Judith Weible and includes information on Medjugorje such as the messages, the archbishop, priests and visionaries and all the day-to-day happenings. We also include…

Six Months to Live

Six Months to Live By Arthur Boyle Artie Boyle was a run-of-the-mill American hockey dad, then terminal cancer happened. The best doctors despaired and Artie dared to look for a miracle. Artie had never put much stock in mysticism or miracles but when his best friends suggested they visit Medjugorje…

The Blue Cross DVD

JUST RELEASED! "Be transported to the heart of the Medjugorje apparitions"The Blue Cross features over two hours of high-definition footage of today's Medjugorje including never-before-seen clips, an in-depth interview with visionary Mirjana Soldo and powerful full-length videos of Mirjana’s apparitions. This is perhaps my favorite documentary on Medjugorje so far.…

The Warning: Testimonies and Prophecies of the Illumination of Conscience

By Christine Watkins This highly acclaimed and captivating book, with the Imprimatur of the Church, offers the world the most thorough understanding to date of “the Warning,” or “the Illumination of Conscience” - a critical moment in human history when every person alive will see their soul in the light of divine truth- including…

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Marija's Monthly Message:

October 25, 2023 message to Marija:  Dear children! Winds of evil, hatred and peacelessness are blowing through the earth to destroy lives. That is why the Most High sent me to you, to lead you towards the way of peace and unity with God and people. You, little children, are my extended hands: pray, fast and offer sacrifices for peace - the treasure for which every heart yearns. Thank you for having responded to my call.

Mirjana's Monthly Message:

March 18, 2022 annual message to Mirjana 
"Dear children, With a motherly love I am calling you to—full of strength, faith and trust—look towards my Son. Keep opening your hearts to Him and do not be afraid, because my Son is the Light of the world and in Him is peace and hope. That is why, anew, anew I am calling you to pray for those of my children who have not come to know the love of my Son. So that my Son, with His light of love and hope, may illuminate also their hearts; and you, my children, that He may strengthen and give you peace and hope. I am with you. Thank you.''